Absurdle - A Twist on Word Guessing

Absurdle is a fresh take on word-guessing games like Wordle, offering a unique challenge for players seeking something beyond the ordinary. Created by Sam Hughes, Absurdle adds an adversarial element to the mix, challenging players to outsmart the system with unlimited guesses and minimal feedback.

How to Play:

Unlike Wordle, Absurdle doesn't limit players to a set number of guesses. Instead, players have the freedom to make as many guesses as they like, with each guess adding a new row to the table. The goal is to decipher the mystery word chosen by the system, using brute force and strategic guessing to uncover the solution. Absurdle is a game of manipulation, where players must navigate through a pool of words to find the elusive answer.


How does Absurdle differ from Wordle?
Absurdle offers an adversarial twist on word-guessing games, with unlimited guesses and minimal feedback compared to Wordle's structured gameplay.
Is there a limit on the number of guesses in Absurdle?
No, players can make as many guesses as they like in Absurdle, allowing for a more dynamic and challenging experience.
How do I play Absurdle?
A: Simply start guessing five-letter words and watch as the system adjusts its pool of possible solutions based on your input. The goal is to narrow down the options and uncover the mystery word.

Absurdle offers a refreshing change of pace for word game enthusiasts, challenging players to think outside the box and embrace the absurdity of the game's mechanics. Whether you're a seasoned puzzler or just looking for a new challenge, Absurdle promises hours of entertainment and intrigue. So why not give it a try and see if you can outwit the system?