Citydle - A Daily City-Guessing Challenge

Citydle offers an engaging daily guessing game akin to Wordle, where players unravel the mystery of a city's name within a limited number of attempts. With its intuitive gameplay and global scope, Citydle provides a fun and educational experience for geography enthusiasts and casual players alike.

How to Play:

Playing Citydle is simple and straightforward:

Begin by guessing a city name based on the provided letters. Input your guess and submit it to see feedback on its accuracy.

After each guess, Citydle provides feedback on the correctness of the guess in terms of distance, continent, and country.

  • Distance: The distance indicator shows the proximity of the guessed city to the correct one. The direction and distance guide players toward the correct answer.
  • Continent: The color-coded continent indicator helps narrow down the geographic region where the correct city is located.
  • Country: As guesses become more accurate, Citydle indicates whether the guessed country is correct or not.

Use the feedback to refine your subsequent guesses and approach the solution strategically within the given attempts.


What cities can I guess in Citydle?
Citydle accepts guesses for most cities worldwide, with a preference for larger cities and world capitals. Players can explore a diverse range of locations while honing their geographical knowledge.
How often are new puzzles released in Citydle?
Citydle offers a new city-guessing challenge daily, providing fresh opportunities for players to test their geographical acumen and discover new destinations around the globe.
Who created Citydle?
Citydle was created by Sasha Slutsker, drawing inspiration from the popular game Wordle. Sasha's innovative twist on the guessing game genre brings a refreshing geographic perspective to online gaming.