Squaredle - A Daily Word Search Challenge

Squaredle offers a delightful daily word search experience that challenges players to uncover hidden words within a grid of letters. With its intuitive gameplay mechanics and diverse puzzles, Squaredle provides a stimulating and entertaining pastime for word enthusiasts of all ages.

How to Play:

To play Squaredle, follow these simple steps:

  • Scan the grid of letters to locate words by connecting adjacent letters vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.
  • Once you identify a word, trace its path by selecting the corresponding letters. Squares containing discovered words fade out, providing visual feedback on your progress.
  • Strive to clear the entire board by uncovering all the hidden words within the allotted time.


How often are new puzzles released in Squaredle?
New puzzles are released daily at 6:00 PM GMT+8. Each day of the week presents varying levels of difficulty, with Mondays being the easiest and Fridays posing the greatest challenge. Saturdays feature unique twists, while Sundays offer puzzles packed with numerous words to discover.
Can I use a physical keyboard to play Squaredle?
Yes! Utilize a physical keyboard to input words by typing out the letters and pressing "Enter" to submit. Use "Backspace" to delete a letter, and the "Space bar" to toggle between squares with the same letter, facilitating gameplay for visual thinkers.
What's the significance of the score in Squaredle?
Longer words yield higher scores, contributing to unlocking additional perks as you progress. Most daily puzzles include at least one word with a minimum length of 8 letters. The globe icon represents the average score of all players for the current day, providing a benchmark to surpass.