Guess which country exports these products!

Guess the TRADLE in 6 guesses - a unique game for engaging and enjoyable learning about global trade. Explore the world of trade interactively, enhancing your understanding without extensive research.

Your guess Chile is 13,557 km away from the target country, the target country is in the North-East direction and you have a only 32% of proximity because it's quite far away!
Your second guess Finland is getting closer! 3,206 km away, South-East direction and 84%!
Next guess, Lebanon, is the correct country! Congrats! 🎉

How to play the TRADLE Game?

  • Guess the Country: Engage in a captivating guessing game. Challenge yourself to guess the country exporting the selected product, adding excitement to your journey.
  • Learn and Compare: After your guess, delve into the fascinating world of global trade. Compare your guess with reality, gaining insights into international commerce intricacies.
  • Expand Your Knowledge: Repeat the engaging process with different products. Continually broaden your understanding of global trade dynamics. Cultivate a well-rounded perspective on the interconnectedness of economies worldwide.

Ready to explore global trade? Don't wait! Visit TRADLE today to begin your journey of discovery. Learning is continuous, and TRADLE is here to make it enjoyable for you.

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