Hurdle - A Brain-Teasing Word Puzzle Experience

In the realm of word games, Hurdle emerges as a refreshing challenge for those seeking to exercise their linguistic acumen. Developed as a twist on the popular Wordle concept, Hurdle elevates the difficulty level with its five-letter word puzzles, providing enthusiasts with an exhilarating test of their vocabulary and deduction skills.

How to Play:

Embark on your daily cerebral journey by attempting to uncover the hidden five-letter word. With each guess, navigate through the intricate web of possibilities, aiming to decipher the enigmatic arrangement of letters. A green signal signifies a correct letter in the right position, while a yellow signal indicates a correct letter placed elsewhere. Meanwhile, a gray signal suggests a letter's absence from the solution.

Master the art of deduction akin to the classic game of Mastermind, strategically narrowing down the potential combinations until the elusive word is unveiled. Each solved puzzle becomes a stepping stone toward the ultimate challenge, where previous victories pave the path to triumph.


How many guesses do I have per puzzle?
For the first four puzzles, you are granted six attempts to crack the code. In the final puzzle, however, only two chances are given to unveil the mystery word.
Can I use previous solutions to aid me?
Absolutely! The correct answers from previous puzzles serve as your initial guesses in subsequent challenges, adding an intriguing layer of continuity and strategy to the gameplay.

With its captivating gameplay and escalating difficulty curve, Hurdle promises an engaging experience that will keep word enthusiasts enthralled day after day.