Bardle - A Shakespearean Guessing Game

Bardle invites players into the enchanting world of William Shakespeare's plays, challenging them to decipher hidden words within six attempts. With its unique blend of literary exploration and deductive reasoning, Bardle promises an immersive and intellectually stimulating experience for players of all backgrounds.

How to Play:

Playing Bardle is as simple as unraveling the mysteries of Shakespearean language:

  • Begin by guessing a word, aiming to uncover the hidden gem within six tries.
  • After each guess, receive clues to guide your quest:
  • The letter R signifies a correct letter in the right position.
  • The letter C denotes a correct letter in the wrong position.
  • The letter X indicates a letter absent from the word entirely.
  • Utilize these clues strategically to narrow down your options and unveil the elusive Shakespearean word.


What words can I expect in Bardle?
Bardle exclusively features 5-letter words derived from the plays of William Shakespeare. However, certain word categories, such as plural nouns ending in "s" and present tense verbs, are excluded. Proper nouns, including characters and places, are included in the word list.
When can I play Bardle?
Bardle offers a new challenge every day, allowing players to immerse themselves in Shakespearean wordplay on a daily basis. Check back regularly for fresh puzzles and continued literary exploration.
Is Bardle similar to Wordle?
Bardle draws inspiration from the popular game Wordle by Josh Wardle, offering a unique twist with its Shakespearean theme and distinct clue system. While both games share a guessing format, Bardle immerses players in the rich language of Shakespeare's works, adding a literary flair to the puzzle-solving experience.